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martial arts dojo, black and grey mat floor

Our Local Rich History

Great Neck Martial Arts Academy traces its roots to the Wind and Sea Enlisted Recreation Center at the Norfolk Naval Base, where Mr. John Schwaebler offered free martial arts lessons from 1987 to 1991. Deciding to mix passion with business, Schwaebler founded Wind and Sea Taekwondo to serve the greater Virginia Beach area. The academy became such a success that it moved to the Great Neck area shortly thereafter.  The school would later become Great Neck Martial Arts Academy in 2014, when Chief Head Instructor Mr. Kyle Burns assumed ownership after having spent more than 15 years training as his student. Today, Mr. Burns maintains the rigorous martial arts program started almost 40 years ago.


At Great Neck Martial Arts Academy, our enduring mission is to blend traditional martial arts values with modern, innovative techniques. focus extends beyond the realm of competition; we emphasize self-defense and personal growth. We believe in cultivating inner strength as much as physical prowess. Here, every training session is not just about physical conditioning — it's a journey towards greater confidence, discipline, and a balanced development of mental and physical fortitude.

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